Cyber Attack Response – Web Server


An elevated threat response is a paid emergency service staffed by professionals.  We are very good at what we do and we charge for our expertise and response time.  If you have indeed been the target of a cyber security attack, we understand this is a very scary moment for a business.  Please gather as many details about your situation as possible and contact us as soon as you can.  Emergency 24 hour service is available and billed hourly with a 1-hour minimum.  We do not guarantee an issue is resolved in 1 hour.  Web server infections and attacks can take multiple hours to resolve.  We are committed to solving the issue and determining it’s exact cause.  Afterward we will remain a resource for ongoing legal and tech questions about the incident. After payment is secured, you will be forwarded to our staffed call center.

To expedite the process of remediation, please be prepared to supply us with as many details about your server as possible.  These situations can be very time sensitive.  We know you value your data, take action immediately.

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